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Updates from Pastor Berhanu Arsse!

Updates from Pastor Berhanu Arsse!

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth. Acts 1:8

The Ascension – Pentecost season bears a great reminder for our Gospel mission among the unreached Somalis here in Central Ohio. Jesus by His death on the cross has finished the atoning work of salvation for all people. But at His Ascension, Jesus was taken up into heaven, and the task of proclaiming His Gospel to all people remains unfinished. So, right here in Central Ohio, there is a ripe harvest of unfinished work of inviting Somali Muslims to Christ the crucified.

The good news is that Jesus did not leave us alone to do this unfinished work of evangelism on our own. At Pentecost, He sent the Holy Spirit to empower His disciples and thereby all of us who are baptized Christians to be His witnesses. Therefore, by the grace of God, and in partnership with Columbus Lutheran Immigrants Outreach (COLIM), we are reaching Somali Muslims by the saving Gospel of Jesus Christ. As a result, with the Lord’s help, new Somalis are coming to faith in Jesus. Thanks be to God!

On June 12, 2022, after Sunday service, Muhammad Ali (not the boxer), a Somali Muslim, was invited to Ebenezer Church by a Somali Christian brother. There Muhammad confessed that “everything has been wrong in my life” and acknowledged that “Jesus can change my life for the better.” After some conversations about the sin problem, that is causing “everything to go wrong” (destruction and death) in the world, people’s lives, cf. Genesis 3, and the Good News that God in His mercy and love through Jesus Christ can forgive and save those who trust in Him, John 3:16; Romans 5. By the power of the Holy Spirit, Muhammad Ali was convinced to trust in the Word of God He has heard and to trust Jesus as His Savior. To God be the Glory. Please keep this brother in your prayers as He needs the nurturing of God’s Word to grow in His faith in Christ.

Please keep Muhammad in your prayers as He needs the nurturing of God’s Word to grow and be strengthen in faith in Christ. Please pray that brother Muhammad would be baptized, disciples and walk in newness of life in Christ as he so desired.

p.s. no offense to the Buckeye fans because of his Michigan State shirt. He had already confessed to me that “everything went wrong”

Habib and his friends

Also here are some more Somali Christians, they brought their Muslim friend, Habib (fourth to the right), to Church. Habib had already been enjoying the friendship and love of our Somali Christians for a while. On Sunday June 19th, Habib heard about the forgiveness of sins that only Jesus can give him (discussion text: Romans 5:12-20), and with the help of the Holy Spirit, Habib now trusts in the Gospel.

To God be the glory!

Meanwhile, the unfinished plentiful mission/harvest field within Columbus needs more laborers. By the grace of God, a Somali convert himself, brother Musa shows interest and willingness to help evangelizing his fellow Somali community in Central Ohio. Currently, Pastor Berhanu is coaching Musa and acquainting him with basic Lutheran teachings.

Please pray for brother Musa:

  • Grace to endure the sufferings, he has been facing because of his Christian faith.
  • To grow as a Lutheran missionary to reach the Somalis here in Central Ohio
  • The Lord’s provision of vehicle for Musa to commute to worship, fellowship, and do Gospel outreach
  • That the Holy Spirit would use Musa’s and our witness to bring the Somalis to faith in Jesus Christ.

God bless you all as you partner with us in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the Somali Muslims who live right here around us.

For Christ’s mission,

Pastor Berhanu Arsse

COLIM Visitation Teams

Trained visitation teams are ready and willing to come to your congregation and give a presentation about the need, the work, and the importance of this mission. Teams are prepared to travel throughout the state of Ohio to give these presentations, however if you are out of the area, but would like a virtual presentation, we’ll make arrangements for that as well!

If you are interested in hosting a team, please contact Deaconess Janet Nicol at janet.nicol@stpaulchuckery.church

LCMS Youth Gathering Update

Youth from Oromo, Ebenezer Ethiopian, and Hope Lutheran together attended the Youth Gathering in Houston.

There they received teaching that will help them to grow in their faith and witness for Christ.

Fundraising Status and Needs

We give thanks to God for the funds we have been able to raise thus far, but the need is great. Here is the current status:

Current Balance: $14,905.59 Average monthly expenses: $7800.00

Note that Ebenezer Ethiopian has pledged to pay for the health benefits and will contributing each month.

How can I give?

Central Ohio Lutheran Immigrant Mission P O Box 182 Galena, Oh 43021

Or through our website